Kiktronik - Network and Resources Monitoring

Enhance Network and Resource Management with Zabbix

Robust network monitoring, resource discovery, and alerting.
Enterprise Features

Network and Resources Management on Zabbix

Our Zabbix-based solution ensures robust network monitoring, resource discovery, and alerting. Whether you’re tracking network health or managing resources, Zabbix provides comprehensive.

SNMP Metrics Collection

Monitor incoming and outgoing traffic, bandwidth usage, packet loss, and more. Poll devices or receive traps for device health.

Resource Discovery

Discover interfaces, power supplies, CPU cores, fans, and more. Utilise low-level discovery filters for efficient resource detection.

Unlock the Benefits of Zabbix

Transform your network management with our Zabbix-powered solution, offering unparalleled capabilities in network monitoring, resource discovery, and alerting. Whether you’re safeguarding network health or optimizing resource allocation, Zabbix empowers you with a comprehensive suite of features tailored to your needs.

Enhanced performance and uptime

Boost network efficiency and reliability.

Streamlined operations and reduced manual efforts

Simplify management tasks and save time.

Improved resource allocation and optimization

Optimize network resources for maximum efficiency.

Proactive issue detection and resolution

Identify and address problems before they impact operations.

Scalability to accommodate growth

Utilizing the latest tools and technology to diagnose and fix complex issues with ease.

Enhanced security and productivity

Safeguard network integrity while increasing operational efficiency.

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Future-proof your network management strategy with Zabbix's scalable architecture

Gain unparalleled visibility into your network infrastructure with Zabbix’s granular monitoring approach. Monitor individual components with precision, thanks to multi-dimensional alerts that highlight specific performance metrics and anomalies.

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